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Family Day Care is a rewarding career choice, and by registering with a family day care service you have access to ongoing support and guidance, have the flexibility in setting your own hours, whilst working from home. As a family day care educator, you can create your own unique learning environment and educational program for the children in your care.

Uniting Family Day Care value’s the unique attributes that each FDC educator offers the children in their care. In support of this, our Early Learning Coordinators tailor personalised support through planned and spontaneous field visits, regular communication, and professional development.

Uniting Family Day Care offers training opportunities, team meetings and workshops to support you in maintaining currency of skills and knowledge assisting you to deliver quality education and care to the children in your service.

In addition to this, Uniting Family Day Care are responsible for invoicing families and the collection of all outstanding CCS gap fees, eliminating the need for uncomfortable conversations with families regarding payments, and freeing up valuable time that is better spent with your own family.

Further information regarding Uniting Family Day Care is available online at:

Uniting Tasmania Family Day Care services ( or by contacting the service team on (03) 9051 2897